Fall and Winter Are the Time for Planting in South Georgia

One of the great things about living in Bulloch County is that we can plant trees and shrubs most of the year. But the best time of year is the fall/winter season, when the sun isn’t blistering hot, and the soil temperature typically remains around the ideal temperature (55 degrees) through December, giving trees and shrubs time to establish a firm, healthy root system before the first hard freeze. But even if there is an early freeze, proper planting, watering, and mulch application will usually ensure that fall and winter

plantings will be more robust than those planted in spring.

The University of Georgia’s Automated Environmental Monitoring Network provides Georgians historical and current rain, soil temperature, and freeze data to help determine best planting times, and what it tells us—along with years of experience—is that the time to plant is right now.

Many of our friends who move here from northern climates are surprised to find that we can plant shade trees up to 20’ tall with great success throughout the fall, including varieties of oak, dogwood, tulip, sweet gum, red maple, Magnolia, birch, hawthorn, poplars, cherries and plum. This is also the best time to replace or add to existing landscaping with hedges, shrubs, and borders.

The Groundsmen are available to provide a free consultation to help you determine the right plants for your location, based on the environmental conditions of your site, and your aesthetic needs. We work to make sure your landscape just keeps getting better. Give us a call, and let us get to work for you.

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